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    Kettles by Sannygas

    Sannygas gets the best out of your heating boiler  

    Combi boilers ... for an easy life

    Combi gas boilers are economical, compact and user-friendly. What’s more, one and the same system provides you with all the heat and hot water you need. Are you living in an old building or an apartment block? Then we recommend you to opt for a HE+ or a high-efficiency wall-mounted boiler. Ask us for advice.

    Save money and spare the environment

    Living in a newly built home? Then opt for the ultra-economical solution: a condensing boiler (HE TOP). Because this ingenious gas-fuelled, wall-mounted boiler recovers condensation heat, instead of sending the flue gases up the chimney. You will reduce your energy costs significantly. Ask us for a quotation.


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